Ernesto - my guardian

Ernesto was the boy waiting for me... yes, it was really the case!!!
At that time I already had reserved a male from a litter bred in Austria.
But as it happened the breeder changed her mind and kept this boy.
So I started searching again and through nice friends of mine I came across the kennel Tricksters.
Kirsten Döpp still had a male in her C - litter available.

It was not easy to convince her but finally she gave in and I could take Ernesto home.
He was so mature even as a puppy, sometimes I thought he could understand every word.

Always happy and delightful he brought the sun to my heart
He is always looking after me, wary of strangers and not very friendly to them ;)

His favourite work was always with his nose, so we finally stick to man trailing which gives us both the most fun.

I love this little guy, my sun.